The latest Jacobite Chronicle Story
from Julia Brannan

"Possibly the writer of the century ! A wonderful wordsmith , historical fiction that feels emotive. true and complete immersion in the period, the characters and the superbly researched history"

"Written with such flair and depth weaving love and anguish into a story that had to be read and finished."

"Julia has once again penned a winner! Her ability to draw you in to another place and time and feel what the characters are going through, never ceases to amaze me."


" Wonderful historical fiction!

Great accuracy and detailed research, with a full-blooded, gripping story running (and sometimes leaping) from page to page.

Excellent read -- and even better, the beginning of a series! "

Bestselling author of the OUTLANDER series of major novels.

Julia Brannan Author

Writer Bio : Julia Brannan is the writer of internationally enjoyed historical novels.

Creator of the Jacobite Chronicles, and now supporting novels of the series The Jacobite Chronicles Stories she takes her readers on journeys into the tempestuous days of the Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland and England.

In 2019 she moved to live in rural Scotland with her cat Constantine, and loves living there, going for long walks in the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and writing novels about the turbulent history of this fascinating country.



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Jacobite Chronicles

It is 1743 and following the death of their father, Beth’s brother Richard returns from the army to claim his share of the family estate. However, Beth’s hopes of a quiet life are dashed when Richard, dissatisfied with his meagre inheritance and desperate for promotion, decides to force her into a marriage for his military gain. And he will stop at nothing to get his way.

Beth is coerced into a reconciliation with her noble cousins in order to marry well and is thrown into the glittering social whirl of Georgian high society, where, in desperation she finally makes a choice of husband in order to escape her brother. All is not as it seems however, and although she finds love, she also finds herself at the turbulent centre of the Jacobite Rising of 1745. From the luxurious salons of England and the glittering court of France, to the wild Highlands of Scotland, join Beth and Alex as they fight with Prince Charles Stuart to regain the British Crown for his family and justice and freedom for themselves.


Jacobite Chronicles Stories

In the main Jacobite Chronicles Series I introduce readers to a lot of major and minor characters, many of whose backgrounds are hinted at in the books, but not explored in any depth. Having completed the main series, and while researching for the next one, I decided to write the back stories of some of the people that my readers had shown a particular interest in knowing more about.

They’ve been received very well, which is wonderful. You don’t have to have read the main series to enjoy these novels, but if you have they will hopefully enhance your enjoyment of the Jacobite Chronicles!


Contemporary novels

At the moment I’ve only published one contemporary novel, which deals with the subject of domestic abuse. I did a lot of research before writing it, and although it’s very different to my historical novels in many ways, all my books deal with many kinds of human relationships, both good and bad.

Feelings and emotional turmoil are universal. They are crucial to society, and without them we would be nothing. Every human being throughout the ages has felt love, hate, anger, joy, sadness… so I hope that if you love my historical novels, you will enjoy this one too, if in a different way.