Audiobook now available for Mask of Duplicity


I wanted to let you all know that Book One of the Jacobite Chronicles, Mask of Duplicity is now available on Amazon, Audible and on iTunes as an audiobook, narrated by the wonderful Rosalyn Landor and Will M Watt.

They’ve done a fabulous job of bringing book one of the Jacobite Chronicles to life and I’m so proud of it! You can listen to a sample and buy it using the links below. If you’re in the US or UK and decide to join Audible for the first time to buy my book, PLEASE do it using the USA or UK links below, because when you’ve been an Audible member for two months, I’ll get a bonus, which will go towards producing book two as an audio book, and it costs you nothing to do that.

If you enjoy listening, I’d love it if you’d rate and review the book on Audible or iTunes – just one sentence will be wonderful and it does make a big difference to me!  I’m already sorting out the scheduling of book two, The Mask Revealed, and will let you know when it’s going ahead.

Listen to Mask of Duplicity sample here

Still can’t decide? Listen to the whole prologue here, then!

Listen to Prologue of Mask of Duplicity

Hopefully you’ve now decided you love it and want to hear the rest (including the wonderfully narrated Sir Anthony)!

Order Mask of Duplicity audiobook (UK)

Order Mask of Duplicity audiobook (USA)

If you live in any other country, you can order it via my Amazon page, link here!

Order Mask of Duplicity audiobook (other countries)

I would absolutely love to know what you think of it when you’ve listened – after all, without you, my lovely readers, I’d be nothing, and your views really do matter to me.

In a week or so I’ll be posting a fascinating interview with Will M Watt, who narrates the male parts of the book and does such an amazing job.  Hopefully you’ll call back here to listen to that too.

Thank you! Julia xx

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  1. I just loved this first book so much! I listened to it on Audible. Rosalyn Land or is by far my favourite narrator and she is the reason I chose the book. Am I ever glad I did! A fabulous story deserves a fabulous narrator! I am very anxious to continue the series. I have 7 credits on Audible just waiting to be spent on the nex books in the series. Any idea when they are going to be available on Audible? And please, I hope Rosalyn narrates.
    Thanks for this awesome story.

    1. Hi, Mirella. Thanks for the lovely feedback. I’m so glad you enjoyed listening to the book! I’m hoping to bring out the rest of the series as soon as possible. Will and Rosalyn have started recording book two now! It does take time to record and produce an audio book though. I have a lot to do to prepare it for the narrators, and then once it’s done, I have to listen to it for any errors/things I don’t like etc, then any changes are made, and after that it goes to Audible who also check it. All this takes weeks! There’s also the fact that both Rosalyn and Will are, as you’d expect, very busy, so I have to wait for them to have a space in the schedule!
      But we’re all on it, and although I can’t give you any dates, not even vague ones that they’ll be out, it’ll be as soon as possible. And I do intend to keep the same narrators for the whole series, and future books too, hopefully!

  2. I posted on another page before I read further. I was so anxious to ask about the audio versions of the rest of the series I posted the question in the wrong area I’m guessing. Oh I am THRILLED beyond measure to know it will continue! I don’t think I can wait for the audio, tho I will also get the audio when available! Would not miss it for the world! This is now one of my favorite audio books to date! And to give you an idea of my love of audio I have 3339 audio books in my collection. Now mind you that is ONLY in my audible list! I will go right into the kindle version of book 2 (I think figured out who certain people are I am thrilled about it) but I won’t know for certain til I get into book 2 and I MUST KNOW! Thank you for writing such a wonderful book! The choice of narrators in the audio version could not have be better! They truly brought your wonderful dialogue to life!

    1. Wow thank you! Your enthusiasm is really inspiring! It’s wonderful that you enjoyed the audio book so much! I hope you love the rest as much! And that is a LOT of audio books to have, so I’m really honoured that you class mine among your favourites!

  3. I am usually not a fan of narration with multiple voices. But Rosalyn Landor is a favorite of mine and the story description for Mask of Duplicity was so unique. I LOVED the audio book. Your characters are real, funny, aggravating, sad, and entertaining. The story takes you on an unpredictable journey — What a treat to listen to. The voices were seamless, I forgot I was listening to two narrators and just got lost in the story. I can’t wait for the rest of the Jacobite series to come out on audible. Excellent job!

        1. Hello! Thank you for buying it – I hope you like it.
          Book three will be recorded in October, but will probably not be available until November because of the editing involved and the fact that I’ll be away for part of that time!

          Julia x

  4. When will you have book 3 on Audible The Gathering Storm? I am dying to keep going in the series on Audible.

    1. Hello! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books on audio! Book 3 has been a bit of a nightmare, and has been seriously delayed due to a mixture of illness and me being away. It’s been recorded now, and is in the editing process, so fingers crossed it will be out next month. Book 4 will hopefully be out soon after that, as Will and Rosalyn start recording it at the end of January. Thanks so much for your patience!

  5. Will the 6th book be available on audible?? If so, do you have an idea when that will be?? Love the entire series so much!’

    1. Hello! So glad you’re enjoying the audiobooks! Yes, the sixth one will be available. It’s in the recording stages now, but it takes quite a while to record, edit etc, after which it’s sent to ACX who check and upload it. I have no idea yet when it will be out, as Will has no availability to record until March, and ACX had the last book for weeks before releasing it! So all I can say is that it’ll be out as soon as I can get it there! Sorry I can’t be more specific!