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This blog post is just about the garments the Highlanders wore throughout history. In a separate one I’ll look at the history of tartan as a pattern. Male Highlanders. As a child I lived in Manchester, a big industrial town in the north of England. My father was English, my mother a fiercely proud and homesick Scot. Because my father worked all night and slept all day, he was a somewhat shadowy figure in my life, and I was almost exclusively raised by my mother. Consequently I also became a fiercely proud and homesick Scot, who longed for the mountains […]

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    George Augustus was born on 30th October 1683 in Herrenhausen, Hanover. This is the old style date, and the date he would have stated his birthday to be on – you will also see his birth being recorded as on 10th November. This is because in 1752 Britain changed to the Gregorian calendar to come in line with the rest of Europe, and consequently we lost eleven days, going to bed on Wednesday 2nd September, and waking up on Thursday 14th. He was the son of George Louis (later King George I) and Sophia Dorothea of Celle. Their […]

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    Ever since I published the first book in the Jacobite Chronicles series, Mask of Duplicity, I’ve periodically received messages from readers wanting to know more about the cosmetics that were used at the time, particularly Sir Anthony Peters’ makeup, which is such a distinctive feature of the fashionable baronet. So I thought I’d write a blog about it. Cosmetics have been used by both men and women for thousands of years, and for many purposes – to mask body odour, in religious ceremonies, to enhance beauty, to disguise the ravages of age or disease, to appear ferocious in […]

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The Gathering Storm (Jacobite Chronicles #3) wins an award!

I’m very happy to announce that The Gathering Storm has won a Chill With a Book Readers’ Award! This is a lovely award, because it’s voted for by readers, and makes all my hard work writing feel worthwhile! Thank you so much to Pauline Barclay, whose dedication to helping indie authors is admirable, and to everyone who takes the time to read our books and vote on them.  Here’s what some of the readers said about The Gathering Storm: I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I particularly liked the chapters where Beth & Alex are in Scotland with the clan. There […]

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Mask of Duplicity (Jacobite Chronicles #1) wins an award!

I’m delighted to announce that Mask of Duplicity has been awarded a coveted IndieBRAG gold medallion! This is the latest in a series of awards that Book One in my historical fiction series The Jacobite Chronicles has won. It was also awarded a Discovered Diamond review, and won cover of the month on Helen Hollicks excellent blog about good quality indie historical novels. And soon after that, it was declared Book of the Month by Chill With A Book readers. These awards are extra-special to me because they’re decided by readers, who have judged my book to be worth an […]

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Preorder Pursuit of Princes (Jacobite Chronicles #5) NOW!

  RELEASE DATE JULY 26TH 2017 SYNOPSIS The rebellion is over. Prince Charles is in hiding, the Jacobite clans are scattered to the four winds, and in Inverness the Duke of Cumberland plans a brutal retribution against the Highlanders who rose against his father. His intention; to ensure they can never rise again. Alex, knowing Beth to be dead, leads his men into a vicious war of attrition against the British Redcoats, who have destroyed everything in life he ever held dear. Only his desire for revenge keeps him alive. Meanwhile the Duke of Cumberland is hatching a plan that […]

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